As a Swiss high-tech company, we set new standards in the segment of mobile digital monitoring systems with the VORN system.

The VORN AG is a developer and system architect and through cooperations with leading international development partners a future-oriented, lean company in the field of development, production and distribution of digital, mobile online monitoring systems. The coordinated cooperation of the VORN development team with first-class industry and research partners enables a highly innovative development team with a lean organizational structure.

Thanks to high innovation and implementation power, the flexible organizational structure and the many years of industry experience of the management and development team, as well as the first-class development partners, C-COMP Technologies AG is sustainably equipped with the VORN system for the requirements of target markets in the digital revolution. The project initiators have several years of experience in the industry thanks to basic research and the development of "wearables".

The future in the sports, army and health market belongs to disruptive technologies like the VORN system. This is especially possible through the unique combination of the three basic pillars of the system: "Data Collection", "Data Processing" and "Data Sharing". Furthermore, VORN is launching the first military-grade encrypted IoT device and is the first provider to ensure the absolute data sovereignty of the wearer with the Personal Data Wallet.

A central element of the company's strategy is the network of highly specialized certified industrial partners, suppliers, institutes and universities, which has been built up over several years of self-financed basic research and guarantees the rapid development and production of high-quality but cost-effective products and services. In addition to a lean organization, this generates the necessary flexibility for the company to respond quickly to changing customer and market needs.

Instead of a stock corporation with different divisions, VORN AG is structured as a holding company and several subsidiaries, such as VORN Sports AG. Each division is managed as a separate subsidiary in which VORN AG, as the holding company, holds a 100% stake.

In the technology-driven environment, intellectual property represents a very significant part of the Company's assets and property. Areas of the company's rights are already registered as trademarks, designs or patents in countries where protection is aimed for. The constitution of VORN AG as a mixed holding company increases corporate efficiency in the operations of the group by clearly regulating the ownership structure. The separate entities provide centralized and specific management of IP assets throughout the company and simplify the subsequent exploitation of IP assets.

As a mixed holding company, VORN AG acts as the parent company for other subsidiaries, while also being operationally active itself.


Roosstrasse 49
8832 Wollerau, Switzerland
+41 44 578 0 578